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Area Insights

See the Big Picture

Get a deeper understanding of the venues and consumers in your area


See the flow of consumers with our footfall heatmap and optimise your sales team

Understand what consumers are searching for with insights based on their real-world behaviour

Our venue analytics help you identify sales prospects based on visitor numbers and customer profiles

Track your competitors, analyse their customers and learn from their successes

Venue Analytics

With Area Insights you can understand which venues are popular. But if you want to understand why, it’s time to take a look at our Venue Analytics. Here you can get in-depth insights into specific locations.

Precision Targeting

Now that you know who these consumers are and what they’re looking for, you can now reach them online. With Precision Targeting, you can target people with online marketing based on their offline behaviour.

Let’s discuss how Olvin can help you understand your market

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