Powerful Foot Traffic Insights.

Foot traffic insights have become a standard metric for evaluating store performance.

Olvin offers your business data that is easy to use, helping you make the right property deals, faster. Start using the most accurate foot traffic data available to support your pitches, and reassure your clients.


Real Estate Brokers

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Real Estate Brokers.

Build Data Driven Pitches

Quickly extract key insights from billions of data points based on foot traffic insights to provide the backing to your pitches.

Win More Deals

Don’t work hard to gather data, let the data work for you. Use the insights you need to elevate your next pitch in a matter of moments.


Identify New Acquisitions

Use powerful insights to track tenants’ performance on a local, state and national level, to evaluate the strength of a potential investments.

Make the Right Choices

Use the most accurate consumer data on the market from 145 million devices to derisk your investments.

Retail Planning.

Find Your Next Site

Use the power of data to make informed decisions based on accurate insights, and make sure your next site is a home run. 

Evaluate Prospective Site

Compare a location to how the competition is performing, and track against your own portfolio with the power of foot traffic data.

Start Making the Right Property Deals With Foot Traffic Insights

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