Meet The Team

The Team Behind the Revolutionary Solution.

We are a team that comes from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re proud to be working towards the same goal. To be most trusted source of foot traffic analytics.

Sam - CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Sam is the founder of the world's largest proximity sensor data network, Tamoco. Sam also sold another of his ventures, Crowdit, to Carlsberg before launching Olvin.

Sam Amrani

Founder & CEO
matt - VP Product

Matt started out in tech marketing before pivoting to product. He previously worked at CrowdIt, a marketing and analytics platform that was the precursor to Olvin.

Matt Taaffe

VP Product
Ella - Machine Learning Lead

Ella has years of experience as a quantitative analyst in the financial and tech sectors. Prior to joining Olvin, Ella was the Head of Data Science at a London startup specializing in NLP.

Ella Walters

Machine Learning Lead
Alfonso - VP Data

Alfonso works primarily on our best in class predictive analytics methodology. Before joining Olvin he worked as a Data Scientist for consulting company AKKA Technologies.

Alfonso García de Corral

Interim VP AI
Pablo - Senior Data Researcher

Joining after studying Aerospace Engineering, Pablo specialises in machine learning and networks. He also conducts Olvin's long-term research projects, studying cutting edge advancements in the industry.

Pablo Gómez Pérez

Senior Data Researcher
Pietro - Technical Sales

After launching companies throughout university, Pietro joins Olvin with expertise in sales and go-to-market management, and acts as the bridge between our clients and the product team.

Pietro Campanella

Technical Sales
Matt - Marketing Manager

Matt is an experienced marketeer, specializing in content and brand management.

Matt Felix

Marketing Manager
Carlos - Data Scientist

Coming from a background in aerospace engineering, Carlos specializes in producing models for complex data sets.

Carlos Moreno Narrillos

Data Scientist
Kartikey - Data Engineer

An experienced member of the data team, Kartikey specializes in developing data architecture and pipelines.

Kartikey Mullick

Data Engineer

Jake - Data Engineer

After recently completing a masters degree in mechanical engineering, Jake joins us fresh from Rockborne Consultants, a data graduate program.

Jake Dodd

Data Engineer