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At Olvin we believe that data driven decision making should be simple and accessible, and more importantly,  available to everyone.


We hope to start a data revolution, by providing insights to businesses of every shape and size, for a fair price.

A Passion for Location Data.
After years of experience in the Night Life tech industry, we always found ourselves returning to the same question. Why do businesses in the physical world not utilize the power of location analytics? While existing solutions exist, we realized they were expensive, resource intensive, hard to use and sometimes just not very helpful. So we set to work on developing a platform accessible to businesses of all sizes, that would be easy to use, no matter your level of data expertise.
Passion For Data
The Team
A Revolutionary Platform.
We quickly realized that AI would be the foundation of our platform, allowing us to help predict what the future holds for a business. We recruited a team of expert data scientists and after 2 years of extensive R&D, we developed the platform we know and love, Almanac. Using multiple datasets provided us with an expansive view of consumer behaviour, allowing us to distil it down into digestible and actionable insights.
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