See how the visit share of competitors has changed over time

 Almanac gives you the opportunity to compare multiple categories showing how your visit share has changed over a variable time period. Understand how a drop-in visit share might be affecting your business.

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Understand how localized performance compares against a national trend

Is your company outperforming the national average? Should you be doing better? Is there anything that you can do to improve? Look at what your competitors are doing that you should change or understand what you are doing better than them.

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Compare how multiple selections are trending and performing compared to the wider industry

Identify the gap between regional performance and that of your industry. Almanac helps you to understand what is the acceptable standard for your industry, or region.

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Other Olvin features


Understand how external factors will affect consumers in the future.

Asses the impact of short-term factors on future  consumer behaviour. 

Anticipate rises or drops and use this to inform marketing and sales strategies 

Consumer Insight

Understand consumer behaviour with unprecedented detail. Almanac provides a powerful and accessible breakdown of how consumers behave in the real world.

Visit Analytics

Whatever your use case, Almanac lets you visualise visits to real world locations. Compare, contrast and build custom insights for actionable business intelligence.