See the demographic breakdown of visitors

Get an insight into the demographic makeup of consumers. See the breakdown of consumer income bands and life stages and see how these change between industries, chains and local areas.

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Understand the travel patterns of consumers

Get an understanding of the types of consumers that are important to performance. See whether a local market is reliant on passing trade, or whether their visitors come from further afield.

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View the demographic personas that are important to a chain

Segmentation helps to determine whether your products and services are relevant for your customers. By understanding the type of personas that are in a specific area you will be able to determine the size of your market.

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Other Olvin features


Understand how external factors will affect consumers in the future.

Asses the impact of short-term factors on future  consumer behaviour. 

Anticipate rises or drops and use this to inform marketing and sales strategies 

Visit Analysis

Whatever your use case, Almanac lets you visualise visits to real world locations. Compare, contrast and build custom insights for actionable business intelligence.

Compare Analysis

Almanac lets you compare individual venues, chains, and industries for a complete overview of performance.