Anticipate the rise and fall in consumer visits.

Our visit forecasts will help you to be proactive, by giving you an understanding of how consumer behaviour will differ from typical week. Make data-led decisions on staffing and stocking and pick the optimum time and place to hold marketing activations.

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Understand what factors drive consumer decisions.

Our forecasts take historical trends in visit patterns and see how upcoming variables such as events, weather, and other localised factors will impact consumer decisions. This gives you a deeper understanding of not just what will be the outcome on your business, but why that is the case.

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See the performance trends of retail chains and local markets.

Our Trend Analysis will help you get a more macro view of performance. We take this understanding to project how we expect performance to change in the coming month. This gives you a longer-term foresight into how retail chains, industries and areas will perform.

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brands & chains
14 million
points of interest across the US
1 billion
data points analyzed daily

Other Olvin features

Consumer insights

Understand consumer behaviour with unprecedented detail. Almanac provides a powerful and accessible breakdown of how consumers behave in the real world.

Visit Analysis

Whatever your use case, Almanac lets you visualise visits to real world locations. Compare, contrast and build custom insights for actionable business intelligence.

Compare Analysis

Almanac lets you compare individual venues, chains, and industries for a complete overview of performance.