Places for

Local Marketing

Identify promotional or partnership opportunities by discovering hidden connections between places.

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Event Marketing

Plan marketing events, utilizing
the Connections Map or
the Customer Journey chart.

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Store Management

Uncover untapped markets in your area and analyze the competitive landscape, unearthing business opporunities.

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Measure the affinity between your connections.

Select a POI to uncover the hidden connections in your neighborhood. Quantify the relationships that matter to your business with advanced filtering based on affinity, industry or category.

Explore your area

Visualize your customer's journey.

Delve deeper and gain instant insights into the flow of consumers to and from locations in your neighborhood.
Identify the POI’s and industries your customers encounter on their journey and explore it further in the map.


Analyze your customers

Understand the strength of local connections.

Reveal the connections between the venues in your network with our powerful Visitor Destinations.

Identify the relationships between your business and the POI’s in your area..

Measure local connections
retailers, stores & chains
14 million
points of interest in the United States
1 billion
data points analyzed daily