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Increase Footfall To Your Bar

With Olvin you can track your performance, understand your customers and start  bringing in a bigger crowd

Raise the Bar

Track how many visitors you're bringing in and learn how to cater to your customers better

Meet the Locals

Learn how to draw in local consumers and keep an eye on your competitors

Reach Online

Use our analytics to find your prime audience and then reach them with digital marketing

Draw in the Crowds

Whether you’re in management or in marketing, the only thing that matters is getting people through the door. With Olvin’s real-world intelligence, you can understand the best way to promote your bar, and then reach your local customers through digital marketing.


Analyse your Customers

Understand who your customers are and what they need

Reach People Online

Target your ideal customers with social media advertising

Track Visitor Numbers

Get an understanding of how many people are visiting your venue

Analyse Customer Loyalty

See how many of your visitors are new, regular or loyal customers

See Customer Journeys

Learn where your bar fits on your customer's night out

Understand Peak Periods

Track which times and days are your busiest

Connect to Local Customers Online

Don’t let customers pass you by. With our Audience Segments feature, you can group people by location, demographics, and preferences so that you make the most of your marketing. Our targeting system is accurate to within 25m, which means you can reach the right people for your bar.

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