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Connect to your Consumers

With Olvin, you can get a real-world understanding of consumers, and then reach them with hyper targeted marketing.

See the
Big Picture

Get unparalleled insights into your market. Understand venue performance and track macro movements

Real People in the
Real World

The digital world isn’t half of it. To truly understand consumers, you need to know what they do in the physical world

Connect the Offline
to the Online

Use these real-world analytics to reach your consumers offline. Real-world segmentation is the new standard

Understand the Real-World

From craft breweries all the way to transnational brands, the lack of consumer data in the industry is hampering business. After all, how can you reach your consumers if you don’t know who, or where, they are? This all changes with Olvin. We analyse ontrade consumers by their real-world behaviour.


Analyse Consumers

Get consumer demographics and preferences for your market

Track Venue Performance

Find the busiest venues in your area to inform your sales strategy

Real-World Segmentation

Use real-world behaviour to segment audiences, then reach them online

Analyse Your Outlets

Get up to date analysis of your outlets, and compare their performance

Support Your Stockists

Reach the consumers around your venues with targeted marketing

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Our audience segments aren’t tied to a platform, so neither are your campaigns

Reach the Right Audience

Our Audience Segments feature will supercharge your online marketing. We analyse how people behave offline to drive our segmentation, and use advanced proximity technology to achieve the highest level of accuracy on the market.

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