Precision Targeting - Olvin


Offline Insights, Online Marketing

Create hyper-segmented audiences
for your digital campaigns


Real-World Behaviour

Actions speak louder than words,
that’s why we use real-world
behaviour to segment audiences

Hyper Local Targeting

With a venue-level accuracy of 25m,
Olvin is the new gold standard in

Personalised Campaigns

With smaller segments you can
make hyper-personalised campaigns
at a lower cost

Supercharge Your Digital Campaigns


Use our insights and analysis to find your ideal consumers


Add additional filters to create a hyper-specific audience segment


Use your tailored audience to create personalised digital campaigns

An Omnichannel Solution

Because we’re not tied to a specific digital publisher, you can reach your audience wherever you choose. Simply connect your social media account and share your custom audience. New to online marketing? Our Campaign Builder will help you get started.

Let’s discuss how Olvin can supercharge your digital campaigns

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