Analyse consumer personas and identify new trends.

Breakdown consumer behaviour based on various personas, and get an oversight of their interests. Dive into more granular detail by analysing specific neighbourhoods.

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Instant industry performance at a glance

Is a whole industry struggling, or are certain chains dragging its performance down?

Select your industry of choice and analyze it on a national, metropolitan or neighborhood-level. Dive deeper to identify chains that are struggling and thriving, and access in-depth insights to identify the reasons behind the performance.

Use Almanac’s compare function to compare your industry of choice to others to see if a declining performance is an indication of an economic slowdown, or if your industry is particularly hit.

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Discover who and what makes up an area

Which area will be the next trendy hot-spot?
What businesses exist in an area, and how are they connected?
Analyze consumer activity within a specific metropolitan area and see where affluent, younger individuals congregate. See consumer flow between Points of Interest and identify less non-obvious connections between businesses in an area.

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