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Retail Analytics, Revolutionized.

Brick and mortar retailers have been left behind by the e-commerce world, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Olvin is here to democratize retail data analytics by offering retailers predictive insights based on footfall data and cutting edge AI.


Store Operations

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Customer Insights

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Retail Planning

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Store Operations.

Plan Your Workforce

Look ahead at your store’s busyness to accurately staff your store to meet forecasted demand.

Manage your Stock

Predict store visits up to 3 months in the future, to make sure customer demand is met and your profits maximized.

Meet Shopper Needs

Get the full picture of who is coming to your stores with deep demographic insights and tailor your offerings to visitors.

Customer Insights

Learn About Your Visitors

Understand the breakdown of visitors to your store and gain insight into consumer occupation, income and home location.

Get the Full Picture

See how your consumers behave in the real-world and make sense of other locations they visit from your store.

Identify Untapped Markets

Cast your eye across your competitors and identify market growth opportunities.

Retail Analytics.

Discover Untapped Markets

Identify trends right across the US and discover new business opportunities.

Locate Target Demographics

Discover the makeup of local consumers to discover which area best suits your business.

Optimize Placement

Explore the saturation of competitors in your target areas to find the optimal spot for your business.

Revolutionize How You Understand Your Customers

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