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With Tenant Finder, get the data you need to tell the story of your site.

Let us help you find the perfect tenant in minutes.

The Perfect Match 
Quickly get a list of the ideal tenants for your site, giving you more time to close the deal
Data to Tell the Story
You know what retailers want to hear. Pitch the right data to the right retailers.
Insights In Seconds
Get all the information you need to help secure the deal in a few clicks. 

Ranked list of retailers

Get a ranked list of the retailers best suited to your site.

Combine leakage, co-tenancy, void and more types of analysis to get the overall Property-Match Score, or select the data best suited to the retailer.

Data Above Everything
Insights As You Need Them

Tell the story of your property

Can you really be sure who the right tenant is just by how close their nearest store is or who lives in the area?

We combine geographic data and demographic insights with psychographic and cross shopping analysis, to show you who lives, works and shops around your site.

Data you can trust

We ensure the data behind the insights are always pinpoint accurate. 

A large representative panel and findings validated against ground truth data from retail stores across the US provides you with consistently accurate analysis.

Amazing Levels of Insights

Find the Perfect Tenant

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