Understand the performance of chains, industries or local areas

Make a selection and analyze the number of visits that it has received. Here you will be able to compare your performance to a baseline value. Examine performance over a variable time period, on a weekly or monthly basis. This will give you a better understanding into how daily performance compares to a typical day.

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See what factors affects performance

There are so many factors that influence decisions made by consumers that it seems impossible to understand everything. Almanac gives you a complete overview of the factors that can affect your business.

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Get a macro view of performance trends

Understand global changes in consumer behaviour on a weekly or monthly basis. Gauge national performance and understand how macro trends have affected your performance.

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Other Olvin features


Understand how external factors will affect consumers in the future.

Asses the impact of short-term factors on future  consumer behaviour. 

Anticipate rises or drops and use this to inform marketing and sales strategies 

Consumer Insight

Understand consumer behaviour with unprecedented detail. Almanac provides a powerful and accessible breakdown of how consumers behave in the real world.

Compare Analysis

Almanac lets you compare individual venues, chains, and industries for a complete overview of performance.