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Powering Bricks and Mortar Industries with Real World Intelligence

Our analytics help you understand your performance and your market, while helping you reach the right people for your business

Olvin is the ultimate tool for real-world businesses

Olvin is a big data platform that is transforming businesses with real-world insights. Our self-service platform uses location-based data as its cornerstone, while drawing on a vast spectrum of big data to understand what is happening within brick and mortar industries. 

With this artificial neural network, we can make sense of patterns in consumer behaviour, interpret what is affecting the performance of physical locations, and understanding the factors affecting local markets.

Olvin distils the complexity of the real-world into rich, actionable insights.

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

Olvin uses real-world behaviour to power its analytics, rather than relying on online data.

Knowledge is powerful

Knowledge is powerful

Our Analytics Suite gives you the upper hand with unrivalled insights into your market.

It pays to be precise

It pays to be precise

Our Audience Segments help you reach the right people for your business.

Platform Features

Our platform can help you track market trends, get unparalleled venue insights, and supercharge your online marketing.

Get a deeper understanding of your market and learn about local consumers.
Deep dive into a specific venue to learn about their performance and customers.
Take your digital marketing to the next level with precision targeting.

Bridging the offline and the online

We collect and analyse a range of data sources so that we can get a clear picture of what’s happening offline. We start with location data as our cornerstone


We use signals from mobile devices to analyse how people behave offline. This GDPR compliant data is acquired from our proximity technology partners.


We then compare this location data to our database of venues. Each venue profile in the database contains everything from amenity information to stock inventory.


By finding patterns in the places that people visit, we get an unparalleled insight into the drinks trade. And because our data is global, our analysis is too.

Our Solutions

Whether you manage venues or supply them, our real-world intelligence can help you improve your business.

For Pubs and Bars

Connect to your customers like never before and ramp up footfall to your venue

For Drinks Brands

Streamline your sales strategy and supercharge your marketing

Let's Talk About How Olvin Can Power Your Business

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