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Find out how Olvin can help democratize access to world-class foot traffic data by helping 2 key industries:

Harness the Power of Foot Traffic Analytics.

Predictive insights are for everyone, not just the e-commerce world.

Data analytics have always required resources and technical expertise that not everyone can access. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Make Forecasting Your Future.

 Olvin’s self-serve platform, Almanac, uses location data and sophisticated AI to provide instant, actionable predictive insights for brick-and-mortar businesses.


Predictive Insight

Powered by years of historical data, using cutting edge AI & ML techniques we can predict consumer behavior up to 3 months in the future. Learn More

Plug & Play Platform

Gain instant insight into consumer behaviour. No need to be a data scientist, no complex integrations - Almanac is ready from day one. Learn More

Disruptive Pricing

Our data products are fairly priced, meaning no matter the size of your business you can leverage AI and ML powered consumer  analytics. Learn More
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Our Foot Traffic Data

We combine world-class data with complex AI to provide retailers with instant and affordable insights.

Almanac processes the last 2 years of data and combines it with powerful AI to predict consumer behavior.
Using the latest machine learning techniques we analyze billions of data points across the US to help understand consumer needs, interpret their needs and discover what drives consumer decisions. Always anonymized and ethically sourced, our data puts privacy first.

Our Solutions

Store Operations

Forecast demand to optimize your supply chain and maximize working capital.

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Retail Planning

Identify trending areas for key targeted demographics and capitalize on demand.

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Customer Segmentation

Segment offline consumers based on demographics and behavior.

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Real Estate Brokers

Make more deals quickly, with data driven insights helping power your presentations.

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Use world class data to make informed decisions on your next acquisition.

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Remove the risk of planning for your next site, with our Chain Ranking Table.

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